Jl. Menoreh Utara X No.27 Sampangan Semarang Central Java Indonesia
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How to Get to Kendal

Kendal Regency is a district in Central Java Province. The capital is Kendal and is included in the Metropolitan Area of Kedungsapur which is the fourth largest Metropolitan Area after Jabodetabek, Gerbangkertosusila and Bandung Raya. The regency is bordered by the Java Sea in the north, Semarang City and Semarang…

How to Get to Jepara

How to Get to Jepara

Travel from Semarang to Jepara Semarang is the closest big city from Jepara and is the main city to cross when you traveling to Jepara. From Semarang there are multiple options to get to Jepara. Public bus from Semarang to Jepara By public bus is the most cheapest option. You…

how to get to semarang

How to Get to Semarang

The city’s name derives from the Javanese words “asem” and “arang” which literally translate to “scarce tamarind.” Semarang lies in the northern part of Central Java. It is a bustling mid-sized city with a population of 1.5 million. More a business than tourism destination, it nevertheless has its own charm…

3 Day 2 Night Karimunjawa Package Star From Kendal

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Karimunjawa Package

2 Day 1 Night karimunjawa star From Semarang / PELNI

Karimunjawa Package whit Pelni Ship From Semarang open every 2 weeks, departing from the Port of Tanjung Emas in Semarang on Friday at 11:00 pm, Long crossings to karimunjawa is 6 hours Detailed Itinerary : First Day, Friday.  Semarang The Participants gather in Tanjung Emas Harbor Semarang at 11.00 a.m….