Jl. Menoreh Utara X No.27 Sampangan Semarang Central Java Indonesia
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Menjangan Kecil Islands Karimunjawa

Menjangan Kecil Island Karimunjawa or more popular community spot karimunjawa call Maer is a coral reef with various types of coral that we can see. With travel approximately 30 minutes from the island toward the spot karimunjawa for Maer.

Spot Maer Karimunjawa, Feed the fish

Feeding the fish

You can see the number of fish in the spot Maer, one spot of the best snorkeling in karimunjawa, you can take pictures underwater is carried by our guide, crystal clear waters around the spot Maer karimunjawa will hypnotize you, coral reefs and fish ornamental fish too already seen from aboard the tour you take.

Various Ornamental Fish

With a wide variety of fish swimming around us your holiday will be felt perfect, ornamental fish competing for bread when we threw the bread that we carry, and ornamental fish herd approached our hands is a special sensation in Maer spot. If we are lucky we can also see the dancing nemo fish among anemones, and there is also starfish beautiful sea located between the reef. It is very impressive when you visit there. So do not lapse visited Menjangan Kecil Karimunjawa spot while you are vacationing in karimunjawa islands.

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